Strain into chilled coupe.

Strain into the serving glass filled with fresh ice. We’re seeing a lot of rhubarb cocktails from cocktailgrammers these past few weeks. If you want a cloudier martini, shake it up. that features rhubarb juice. The Chester at Gansevoort Meatpacking . Subscribe to get the latest new products, deals & more!

Change ), Stirred Drinks with Rhum Agricole: L'Acajou, Classic Cocktails: Army & Navy + Variations, 1/2 oz Dolin Blanc (Carpano Bianco would be awesome too). ( Log Out /  The company recommends it for Vesper, a type of martini sometimes known as the James Bond Martini and for gin and vodka tonics to add character and a bit of bitterness to it. Woooooohoo-hoo-hoo y'all, I've got it! All gin uses juniper as its primary botanical flavoring; Bimini Gin uses it differently. By using a more modern distillation process, the Bimini distillers are able to separate out juniper’s p Bimini Gin is available in CA, NY, and NJ through The Craft Spirits Co-opBimini Gin is available in MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT through Horizon BeverageBimini is available in IL through Heritage Wine CellarsBimini GIn is available in DC and MD through Lanterna WinesContact us: (207) 370-9446 |  info@biminigin.comBimini Gin is a trademark of Round Turn Distilling. Seriously, is rhubarb the new trending ingredient when it comes to cocktails? Shake well. Lime wedge, 7 dashes Coastal Root Umami Bitters, Float Coastal Root Umami Bitters and Owl and whale Sea Smoke Bitters, 3 dashes Owl and Whale Lemongrass Bitters, 3 dashes Bitter Cedric, 3 dashes Jamaican ginger, 3 dashes BDBC bloody mary bitters 3 dashes BDBC fire & damnation bitters, garnish with an olive, lemon & lime wedges, Shake and strain, coupe, spritz, garnish with lemon twist, 5 dashes Owl and Whale WBA Cherry Bitters, 2 dashes Cocktail Kingdom Wormwood Bitters, spritz of seltzer, 2 dashes Vena's Coffee & Aromatic bitters, 5 dashes Mole bitters, 1 oz. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Combine all ingredients into highball glass. Mix the gin or vodka and dry vermouth into a. Juniper berries are often blamed for the “pine tree” taste that turns many people away from gin altogether. Combine ingredients over ice and stirrrrrrrr til it becomes a bit cloudy. Drop us a note at

This results in a lighter blend because of the incorporation of air into the cocktail. Juniper berries are often blamed for the “pine tree” taste that turns many people away from gin altogether. Garnish with both lemon peel & orange peel. Top with tonic water and slowly drizzle the butterfly pea infusion on top.

Made with Bimini Gin and fruits for that last summer hurrah, garnished with some edible leaves and flowers, and served in an interesting glass, it’s indeed a real treat for cocktail lovers out there! A gin inspired by a session IPA, one might think this comes from California, but it's from another USA craft brewing mecca, Maine. Instead, the distillery uses organic Fair Trade Certified Extra Virgin coconut oil in a process know as “fat washing.” The oil is heated to a liquid state and combined with Bimini's original gin to infuse it with pure coconut flavor. This low ABV cocktail is dubbed by the makers as a healthy drink, owing to the elderflower tonic. Canaima Gin supports the Amazon forests tribes by donating 10% of their sales for the improvement of these people while RabarBer is a Denmark original soft drink made with organic rhubarb to support your good health.

Bimini Gin is inspired by those warm sunny days. Visit @tipitbackcocktails for more colorful (and mostly creamy cocktails) that will keep you inspired all year-round. To make an easy strawberry syrup, combine 1 part sugar and 1 part water in a small saucepan over medium heat. All gin uses juniper as its primary botanical flavoring; Bimini Gin uses it differently. Be mesmerized with the lovely Walking on a Dream cocktail made with butterfly tea infusion known to lend a magical feel to the cocktails as it changes color right before your eyes. The Bimini Escape, a blue cocktail recipe that's the color of the ocean using rum and Hpnotiq, a liqueur made with exoctic fruits, cognac, and vodka. I saw a tasty looking Negroni variation with Bimini Gin, Campari, Red Grapefruit + some other fun stuff and ordered one. Visit. Amy Traynor featured this lovely strawberry watermelon gin cooler on her Instagram account. ( Log Out /  .75 oz Wilks & Wilson Sir Teddy’s Tonic syrup, 3 drops Meadow & 2 drops Owl & Whale Lemongrass bitters, 3.5 oz seltzer. Fill with ice. If you want to serve it as a non-alcoholic drink, skip the vodka and serve over ice straight from the pitcher.

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Visit @greatestgin for more info about The House of Juniper’s cocktails. Drop us a note at. Fill with ice. Recommended For You. Spritz of seltzer. is an all-season cocktail you can enjoy either with ginger ale as suggested here or ginger beer, if you prefer the spicier variety. All Rights Reserved. for more info about The House of Juniper’s cocktails. Get inspired by August's best cocktails and start creating your own. I've got the fun we've been looking for! Handcrafted and hand-bottled, Bimini is a modern American gin that’s perfect for your favorite cocktail whether it’s a Gin & Tonic, Martini, Negroni, or Tom Collins. Keep it simple at the same time go for fancy with this blue G&T by @recipesbydebbie.

Muddle the mango with juniper berries, Jamaica peppers and mint sprigs in a. Garnish with lime wedge, 0.5 oz Wilks & Wilson Millicent's Lime Mint Simple Syrup, 5 shakes Vena's Pierre Bitters, 3 shakes Bittercube Bolivar Bitters, 3 dashes Vena's Coffee Bitters, 3 dashes Vena's Aromatic Bitters, 4 dashes Mole bitters, 3 dashes Bitter Housewife Cardamom Bitters, 3 dashes CR coffee bitters, 3 dashes CR aromatic bitters, 3 dashes each Coaster Root Coffee and Aromatic bitters, 3 dashes Vena's Tyrone Bitters, 3 dashes Miracle Mile Castilian Bitters, 3 dashes Fiesta Bitters, 2 dashes Regan orange, 5 shakes Tyrone, 3 shakes Fire & Damnation bitters, 2 dashes Vena’s Aromatic Bitters 2-3 drops Bohemian, 0.5 oz Wilks & Wilson Sir Teddy's Tonic Syrup, 2 drops Vena’s Axel, 4 drops Bohemian 2 drops Woodford Barrel Aged cherry, 2 dashes Vena's Meadow & 2 dashes Vena's Grove, Ice, .5 oz seltzer Garnish with orange wedge, 3 drops Vena’s Smoke Bitters, 3 drops Cranberry bitters, 3 drops Anise bitters, 1 drop Vena’s Smoke Bitters, 4 dashes Owl & Whale persimmon bitters, 4 dashes Vena’s Aromatic bitters.