Aerospace and mechanical engineering. Engineering education and innovation, mental health, social justice, virtual reality, inclusive pedagogies, Robert GutzwillerAssistant ProfessorHuman Systems Engineering, Robert.Gutzwiller@asu.eduPolytechnic Campus, SANCA, Ayan MallikAssistant ProfessorEngineering Programs, Troy McDanielAssistant ProfessorEngineering Programs, Troy.McDaniel@asu.edu480-727-1063Polytechnic Campus, PRLTA 335C, Kenan SongAssistant ProfessorEngineering Programs, Kenan.Song@asu.edu480-727-2720Polytechnic Campus, TECH 151, Dina VerdinAssistant ProfessorEngineering Programs, Engineering Education Systems and Design, Research InterestsScience and engineering education, undergraduate persistence, Latina/o studies, funds of knowledge in higher education, engineering identity development, student agency, applying critical lens to quantitative data analysis, Taylor WeissAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental and Resource Management, Taylor.L.Weiss@asu.edu480-727-1959Polytechnic Campus, ISTB3 203G, Wenlong ZhangAssistant ProfessorEngineering programs, Albert BrownSenior LecturerEnvironmental and Resource Management, al.brown@asu.edu480-727-1320Polytechnic Campus, PRLTA 330N, Areas of expertise: Aerospace and mechanical engineering. Nancy CookeProfessorHuman Systems Engineering, Nancy.Cooke@asu.edu480-727-5158Polytechnic Campus, SANCA 150B, Arunachala Mada KannanProfessorEngineering Programs, amk@asu.edu480-727-1102Polytechnic Campus, PRLTA 335A, Thomas SugarProfessor Engineering Programs, Manufacturing, Thomas.Sugar@asu.edu480-727-1127Polytechnic Campus, TECH 101A, Gary WaissiProfessorTechnological Entrepreneurship and Management, Gary.Waissi@asu.edu480-727-5278Polytechnic Campus, SUTON 340J, David BeckerAssociate ProfessorHuman Systems Engineering, Vaughn.Becker@asu.edu480-727-1151Polytechnic Campus, SANCA 150F, Research Interests (480) 965-0362 Atomic-scale computer simulation to understand the structure, properties, processing and design of materials. Mailcode 6106, Bin MuAssociate ProfessorChemical engineering. 480-965-4317 Mailcode 6106, Taewoo Lee Mary Anderson-Rowland.

Research website, Joseph JuarezLecturerIndustrial Engineering, 965-2835Tempe campus, BYENG 398, John KeatsEmeritus ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, 965-3413ADM B 163, Tempe campus, Ali Can KucukozyigitLecturerIndustrial Engineering, Daniel McCarvilleProfessor of PracticeIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsQuality engineering, industrial statistics, engineering management, 727-7674Tempe campus, BYENG 350, Pitu MirchandaniProfessor, The Avnet Chair in Supply Chain NetworksIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsOptimization, decision-making under uncertainty, real-time control and logistics, application interests in urban service systems, transportation, and homeland security, 965-2758Tempe campus, BYENG 332Advanced Transportation and Logistics: Algorithms and Systems (ATLAS) Research Laboratory, Douglas MontgomeryRegents ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsStatistical design of experiments, optimization and response surface methodology, empirical stochastic modeling, industrial statistics, 965-3836Tempe campus, BYENG 348, William MoorEmeritus ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, 965-4022GWC 576, Tempe campus, Rong PanAssociate Professor, Program ChairIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsIndustrial statistics, reliability analysis and time series modeling, 965-4259Tempe campus, BYENG 352, Ted PavlicAssistant ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsDistributed algorithms, autonomous systems, decentralized decision making, complex adaptive systems, self organization, hybrid dynamical systems, sustainability in the built environment, behavioral ecology, behavioral economics, operations research, bio-mimicry and bio-inspiration, parallel computation, robotics,energy systems, intelligent control, optimization, game theory, resource allocation, collective behavior, Giulia PedrielliAssistant ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsStochastic simulation, simulation-based optimization, statistical learning, optimization of complex systems, kwon@asu.edu480-965-3707Tempe Campus, ENGRC 363Mailcode 6106, Hyunglae Lee Research InterestsProcessing science of nanoparticles, nanowires, and epitaxial/polycrystalline films of metals and ceramics by VLS, co-precipitation, sol-gel, MOCVD, and ALCVD and their integration into devices for electronics, energy, or theranostic platforms for neoplastic diseases. Research Interests Community Solutions, Research-focused workshop for undergraduates with disabilities in computing fields. Research Interests Research Interests Assistant Professor Aerospace and mechanical engineering, Research Interests Undergraduate program chair, chemical engineering.

Xiangjia.Li@asu.edu480-727-8612Tempe Campus, ERC 457Mailcode 6106, Hamid Marvi 480-965-4560 Tempe Campus, ENGRC 351 Chemical engineering. Research Interests

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor Mailcode 6106, Cody Friesen 480-727-6934 Mailcode 6106, Yang JiaoAssociate ProfessorMaterials science and engineering. (480) 965-3727 Assistant Professor 480-965-5109 Associate Professor

The School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy continues to make transformational, technological advancements to elevate Arizona State University’s academic enterprise. 480-727-8613 Research Interests

480-965-8990 Community Solutions, First Time Freshmen and Transfer Students, Graduate Policies, Procedures and Funding, Inner Circle: News and Events for Students. Research Interests Aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Tempe Campus, ENGRC 411 Undergraduate program chair, materials science and engineering. Mailcode 6106, Jian Li

Tempe Campus, ENGRC 493 ASU Foundation Professor Aerospace and mechanical engineering. Sui Yang Assistant ProfessorMaterials science and engineering. Mailcode 6106, Mary Laura Lind 965-5248Tempe campus, BYENG 346, Esma GelAssociate ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsApplied probability, stochastic processes, queuing theory, stochastic modeling and control of manufacturing systems, Aerospace and mechanical engineering. He works on fluid mechanical problems related to aerospace, atmospheric and chemical industrial applications.

Professor Mailcode 6106, Huei-Ping Huang

Research website, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Public Service and Advance membrane materials – formation, structure, property, performance – for applications in water purification, energy production, and energy storage.

Tempe Campus, ENGRC 379

Assistant Professor Research website, Dan ShunkEmeritus ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, Research Interests Agile, enterprise and CIM systems, group technology, planning systems, economics of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) strategy and strategic role of technology, 965-6330Tempe campus, BYENG 360, Rene VillalobosAssociate Professor, Graduate Program ChairIndustrial Engineering, Research InterestsLogistics, automated quality systems, manufacturing systems and applied operations research, 965-0437Tempe campus, BYENG 322Industrial Assessment CenterResearch Website, Philip WolfeEmeritus ProfessorIndustrial Engineering, 965-0125GWC 552, Tempe campus, Research InterestsHealth informatics, swarm intelligence algorithms for distributed decision support, information systems, 727-4520Tempe Campus, GWC 536Mailcode 6106, Mohamed Houssem Kasbaoui Research Interests Mailcode 6106, Kangping Chen Understanding the synthesis-structure-property relationships of nanocrystalline metals and alloys for optimization of the microstructure of nanocrystalline materials to enhance their mechanical properties and functionality; mechanics of cells and biological systems. 480-965-1625 He was previously a researcher at Georgia Tech, University of Notre Dame and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Research Interests Research Interests Yi Ren Air pollution and energy, air pollutant sensing and control, chemical kinetics, Aerospace and mechanical engineering. Professor Research Interests Tempe Campus, ENGRC 427 Chemical engineering. Mailcode 6106, Brent Nannenga Consider using our ASU Labs theme for WordPress


Tempe Campus, ENGRC 313 480-965-2050 Mailcode 6106, Marc Mignolet Professor Tempe Campus, ENGRC 351

Research InterestsMulti-scale nanocomposite printing with bioinspired design methodologies and programmable functional materials for potential applications in microfluidic devices, biomedical devices, and flexible sensors. Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty   Instructional Faculty   Research Faculty   Emeritus   Faculty by discipline, Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty Quantum chemistry, solid state physics, density functional theory, renewable energy, metal oxide design, redox reactions, solar energy, solar thermal water and carbon dioxide splitting, photocatalysis, organic pollutant degradation, defect engineering. Mailcode 6106, Research InterestsAdsorbents, catalysts and membranes for sustainable energy and clean water applications, shuguang.deng@asu.edu480-727-7238Tempe Campus, ERCMailcode 6106, Sandwip DeyProfessorMaterials science and engineering. Assistant Professor Mailcode 6106, Terry Alford Chemical engineering, Research Interests Aerospace and mechanical engineering. Assistant Professor 480-727-8615 Materials science and engineering. Timothy Long Center Director Professor Chemical engineering. Mailcode 6106, Julianne Holloway Research Interests Logistics, manufacturing systems analysis, production planning and scheduling, operations research, applied statistics. 480-965-6469 Physical human-robot interaction, neuromuscular control of human movement, robot-aided neurorehabilitation, bio-inspired robotics, system identification for physiological systems, Hyunglae.Lee@asu.edu480-727-7463Tempe Campus, ERC 373/ECE 116AMailcode 6106, Xiangjia LiAssistant ProfessorAerospace and mechanical engineering. Materials science and engineering Faculty by rank. Contact Administration: 480-727-1177, Public Service and Mailcode 6106, Jagannathan Rajagopalan Research Interests Professor

Develop antibody based therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. Computational mechanics: finite element methods, molecular dynamics, and multiscale methods for applications in MEMS, material failure analysis, and material design. 480-965-1869 480-965-4363 Dr. Ren’s current research interests include optimization, product/configuration design, human-computer interaction and machine learning. Energy system analysis, thermal and fluid process characterization, and fuel property measurements for energy systems. Associate Professor Modeling and experiments of heterogeneous hard and soft materials, elastomeric materials for thin films on soft substrates, lithium ion batteries, gels and electronics. Mary Anderson-Rowland Emeritus Professor Industrial Engineering. ASU Engineering can recommend a few solutions for faculty and staff members to have access to professional website to display information about their research focuses, ongoing projects, lab groups and published works. Mailcode 6106, David Nielsen Research Interests Tempe Campus, ENGRC 281 (480) 965-3190

Tempe campus, BYENG 318 480-727-9689 Mailcode 6106, Werner Dahm Large-eddy simulation of high-speed turbulent flows with multi-physics, aeroacoustics, flow control and optimization, 480-727-8083 Tempe Campus, ENGRC 389 Mailcode 6106, Beomjin Kwon 480-965-7769 He has received Microsystems and Nanoengineering Young Scientist Award and Elsevier Reaxys Ph.D. Prize. Research InterestsZhe Xu is an assistant professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy at Arizona State University.