Maybe like 1 turn slower some % of the time, which would make Modern as a whole more stable. If they want to prep for it they can. This gives us a chance to actually understand the MH1 meta without deckbuilding being dominated by an absurd combo., — (@Play_MTG_eu) July 7, 2019. to tap for Memory Sluice). How come there's no mention of Neobrand decks? Many people need to read that sentence, then read it again, then read it a third time. At GP Dallas, I played 15 rounds. It steals way too many games on turn 1 and 2 for my taste, and it doesn't do anything for the format that is beneficial. Mengucci played the current bane of Modern, Hogaak, to a quarterfinals exit. (deck has legs, I believe it is a T2 deck in its rough state now, could push T1.5 with a more streamlined list). I played against 10 different decks in those rounds. I don’t think it’s so much that as they don’t want to admit they were wrong to make it Modern legal so quickly. Actually, they specifically called out bridge-less dredge as seen @ mythic championship london, as something they want to keep around. Thing is, the tools against Tron are scary now. Players can earn at least 15 levels from these XP rewards. I expect fair decks like Jund to become more popular, which could be seen in recent tournaments already, but I assume that Urza Whir will be the real gainer here. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. While we don't intend on setting a precedent for quickly taking B&R action whenever a successful new deck breaks out, in this case, the situation clearly needed to be addressed. This past weekend saw two Red Bull Untapped qualifiers: one in Florence, Italy and one in Brussels, Belgium. As Arena does not want to incentivize buying Levels, that option will be removed during the end-of-July update. At last weekend’s prerelease events, some copies of Corpse Knight came out of packs printed with three toughness. Meanwhile, Dominguez, piloting Izzet Phoenix, took down the tournament. They just need to ban Manamorphose and then Phoenix wouldn't be as bad, in my opinion. Just because modern as a graveyard/looting format currently fits their goals does not mean it always will. Will E-Tron fall on the back burner? What will be the hot decks? I was playing an almost mono-blue tempo deck and finished in the money, 10-4-1. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Up-fucking-voted. Will Phoenix take over again? Glad they took Bridge now the bridgeless decks can all be more fair on being mostly agro decks. I just don't think a deck should be that fast in modern. There is a Legacy Grand Prix at MagicFest Bologna in late November and one event–Grand Prix Portland on the weekend of December 21st–that hasn’t had its format announced yet. I have little understanding of the Modern metagame, but when people start maindecking black leylines, you know you done goofd. Speculat(e/ing) Cookies help us deliver our Services. I expect Urza Whir to be the new hot deck, as it had a bad matchup against Hogaak (Ensnaring Bridge does not prevent getting milled out) and was also occasionally hit by graveyard hate when trying to perform the Thopter Sword combo. Life from the Loam decks could emerge in the new meta. The winner? Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Announcement Date: July 8, 2019. 7/8 B&R Announcement - Bridge from Below banned in Modern. Congratulations to Dominguez and De Smet. This is Reddit's hub for discussing speculating(2) and not for discussing speculating(1) about Magic: the Gathering cards. but i think that they missed big time on banning looting. The lack of communication regarding Phoenix and Dredge also may (again, tea-leaf reading here) signal that those decks aren't problematic by their measure. I m not even sure if. that card is horrendous. XP will be given out for free, but also as part of events. Today’s Banned and Restricted List update took aim at one of the current heavy hitters of Modern: Bridgevine. Glogowski made Top 8 with Hogaak but went out in the semifinals. But it won’t, and isn’t intended to, stop players from creating one of those graveyards that snakes around the table while they think about how many things can come back this turn, and you think about scooping. There's ample precedent supporting the fact that they will very rarely react quickly to rising decks. Today, Wizards of the Coast announced that it was banning Bridge from Below in Magic’s Modern format. He was brutally stabbed 37 times before he even got to say hi. The next Banned and Restricted List update will be August 26th, 2019. Many will be open for registration in the next few days, so keep an eye on! While levels can reach as high as 100, the system currently looks to have most players peak at around level 80. 12/7/2018 If a nontoken creature you control and a creature an opponent controls die at the same time, you choose the order in which Bridge from Below’s triggered abilities resolve. Also maybe players will play less extreme graveyard hate now and that means decks like Dredge and Living End get a boost. This also allows for the metagame to shift and auto-correct, what a metagame is. Effective Date: July 12, 2019. My only other big concern for the format that isn't address is neoform combo. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ModernMagic community. If Bridge from Below isn’t still in your graveyard as its first ability resolves, you won’t create a token. Bridge from Below Banned. This site still works, for some reason so I will provide an update. It's a bittersweet thing that I partially understand and partially dislike., — ChannelFireball (@ChannelFireball) June 30, 2019. it's not a magic card. Press J to jump to the feed. Otherwise, it is very resilient to removal. Even before the ban this is the card the community thought would most likely get the axe. Our goal is not to eliminate graveyard strategies from the Modern metagame, but rather to weaken this version of the graveyard combo archetype that has proven too powerful for other decks to reasonably adapt to. Because Bridge from Below doesn't cost mana or other resources to use and isn't reliant on being drawn naturally from the library, its power level is highly sensitive to the cards that synergize with it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I remember when so many people called for Death’s Shadow to be banned. I m not even sure if Altar Of Dementia(the other problem card) will be that good, i mean it still can outrun a ensnaring bridge prison deck and also can make the deck too fast and resilient but at the same time it is not the auto win that it was before this ban. That means you can't play Neonate on turn 1 and get the double on this. To quote Caleb Durward's Twitch title from Monday, ding dong the Bridge is dead. While many expected some action would be taken to stop the bleeding after Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis completely warped the metagame, few … Bridge from Below is very powerful, and since there were good arguments for a number of cards it makes sense that Bridge from Below was banned. I guess you can use it as a one shot effect without the doubling to get 4 cards in your graveyard, but that seems underwhelming and is a worse Tome Scour. In order to take the deck down a notch, Bridge From Below has been banned in Modern. Seth explains what this means for Hogaak Bridgevine (nothing good) and the format as a whole. For many other Modern players, July 8's announcement could not have arrived soon enough: Bridge from Below is banned in Modern. In Florence, Andrea Mengucci and Javier Dominguez both made Top 8. The two tournaments were mixed-format, featuring both Modern Constructed and Modern Horizons Limited. I'm glad Modern Horizons brought some variation to the format. Both events featured Magic Pro League members playing. I'd expect dredge and/or thopter sword to do well in the next big event. Last week we talked about the introduction of the MTG: Arena Mastery System. The more diverse the meta, the worse UW becomes. Modern:. Please cool it with the flaming and have an intelligent discussion so that I don't have to lock this thread. ホガークヴァインの重要カード、黄泉からの橋が禁止されました。個人的には、まぁしょうがないな……、って感じですね。, 最近の週では、「ホガークヴァイン」はMagic Onlineで最もプレイされたデッキであり、次点の3倍以上、リーグで5-0を達成しています。 (中略) 特筆すべきは、1ゲーム目の勝率が約66%あることで、ほとんどのデッキがこれに対して大きくサイドボーディングする必要がありました。, わずか1か月の話であり、これはモダンとしては異例の速さ。GPなどの紙大会で猛威を振るってはいませんが、MOのデータだけで完全に禁止ラインであり今の環境でGPをやるのは無理という判断でしょう。, そしてホガークヴァインを弱体化させるために、特に黄泉からの橋が禁止指定された理由は, 我々は《黄泉からの橋》が将来再びメタゲームの不均衡を起こす可能性が最も高いカードだと認識しました。なぜなら、《黄泉からの橋》は使うのにマナやその他のリソースがかからず、ライブラリーから普通にカードを引くことに依存しておらず、これのパワー・レベルはこれとシナジーを形成するカードに大きく左右されるからです。墓地とシナジーを持つ新しいカード・デザインが増えていくに連れて、再び問題を起こすデッキのキーカードになる可能性が最も高いのは《黄泉からの橋》です。, 今回の禁止改定については個人的にやや不満はあります。禁止改定の内容自体は納得だけど、黄泉からの橋は6月7日実装の『モダンホライゾン』以前は適切なパワーレベルに収まっていたカードであり、直接的に環境を変えたのは新カードであるホガーク&狂気の祭壇だからです。, 環境に悪影響を与えたのは黄泉からの橋ではなく『モダンホライゾン』と言えるわけで。「スタンを通さないモダン専用セットを出すよ!」という流れからメタゲームが崩壊して禁止カードが出ると、ちょっと微妙な気持ち。 おもしろい試みだとは思うけど副作用もきつかった。, しかし、どうせ禁止カードを出すなら黄泉からの橋が適切だとは思います。ホガーク・狂気の祭壇・黄泉からの橋、この中で1番怪しい性能をしているのは橋でしょう。, MTG全体で見ても異端のデザインすぎます。マナコストが完全に意味をなしてない。さすがは『時のらせん』ブロックのカード。好き放題やってますねぇ(笑), ブリッジヴァインという形でモダン制定当初から長く愛されてきた面白カードであり、それが『モダンホライゾン』のせいで消えるのは悲しい。しかし、冷静に見れば面白カードすぎて禁止されるのもしょうがないというか。0マナカードは悪い文明。, ちなみに、ネット上でも多くの人が指摘してますが、『時のらせん』ブロックにおいて黄泉からの橋は「タイムシフト」カードであり「未来から再録された」設定になっています。つまり、ある意味では「発売される前に禁止指定された」という意味不明な話に。ほんと『時のらせん』は自由すぎぃ!, さて、ここからは少し話題を変えて禁止改定後の環境変化を考えます。まず今までの環境を再確認。ここ1か月の個別カード使用率は, そして、MTGGOLDFISHさんから2019年7月8日現在のメタゲームを引用すると1位~10位は, 当たり前だけどホガークヴァインが1位だった。ここから何がどう変わるか? とりあえず緑単トロンは10位以内に戻ってくるはず。高速即死コンボであるホガークヴァインに狩られまくって衰退していたけど、苦手な相手がいなくなったので復活。また墓地対策の流れ弾で消えていたドレッジも増えるでしょう。, 逆にイゼフェニ・エルドラージトロンは減ると見ます。イゼフェニはメイン外科的摘出、エルトロは虚空の杯&歩行バリスタ(x=0の自殺で相手の黄泉橋を追放できる)によってホガークヴァインをメタることで勢力を増していました。ホガークが消えると勝ちやすい相手が減ります。, 個人的に今後のトップメタは青白コントロール&5c人間と予想。単純に両方ともデッキパワーがやばい。さらに苦手な相手も少ない。私自身は緑単トロンを使っていますが、この2デッキにはせいぜい5分、もしくはやや不利ぐらいな印象。MTGGOLDFISHのデータを見ててもホガークヴァイン前から緑単トロンは5位とかだったし。緑単トロンが増えても青白コントロール&5c人間のほうが勝つと予想します。, 2019年7月8日 禁止制限告知|読み物|マジック:ザ・ギャザリング 日本公式ウェブサイト, 世界中で2千万人を超えるプレイヤーとファンを持つ世界最高の戦略トレーディングカードゲーム、マジック:ザ・ギャザリングの日本公式ウェブサイト。, 屍肉喰らい! 黒単ゾンビがMODERN CHALLENGE 入賞! (2019年7月21日), 地核搾り! アーティファクト系マナ加速デッキがmo5-0! (2019年2月26日), 2種のサヒーリコンボがmo5-0! 時を解す者、テフェリー! (2019年5月31日), 栄光の好機4枚! ジェスカイ無敵化コンボがmo5-0! (2018年10月30日), ケイヤの手管! エスパーコントロールがGPベスト8入賞! (2019年7月28日). The deck is extremely powerful, very versatile and underplayed right now, so I'd suggest people who want to play the deck should get the pieces right now, while they are still kind of cheap. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Phoenix and dredge may still be a problem, but at the moment hogaak was so strong that dealing with it was the priority. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log in sign up User account menu 627 B&R Update: Bridge from Below banned. We're thrilled to announce the MagicFest formats for the last quarter of 2019! Then we get a double dose of MagicFests in Detroit and Krakow. After a banning of a graveyard deck, is the exact time to bring a graveyard deck to a tournament. Scapeshift and Amulet could gain as well. Thoptor sword gets hosed by GY and relys on a whir to drop a spyglass / needle. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. They clearly base their decisions on data (which isn't revealed to us often, sadly), and data is only as good as its sample size. Reacting to the Bridge from Below Ban | TCGplayer Infinite Bridge from Below is banned in Modern. … A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Magic: The Gathering's Modern format! Glad they took Bridge now the bridgeless decks can all be more fair on being mostly agro decks. I would assume Tron is a gainer since it's popularity decreased significantly since Hoagaak. Im ok with that will still play it ! Red Bull Untapped is an independent tournament series with qualifiers, in both digital and tabletop Magic, each with a $10,000 prize pool. Lapsed DCI Rules Advisor - Retired from playing but still hanging around. Also, since you're tapping the creatures, you can't then use them to cast Hogaak, so if you're doubling this up on turn 2 you can't also cast Hogaak that turn. If Bridge from Below isn’t still in your graveyard as its first ability resolves, you won’t create a token.