Distributions History – 2006. January. Dividends History – 2015 Browse... View Full Chart Dividend Chart . Distributions History – 2009 This part of the business provides 92% of revenues and 70% of EBITDA. %��������� Please note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by analysts regarding Chorus' performance are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Chorus or its management. These cookies do not store any personal information. This could indicate that the company has never provided a dividend or that a dividend is pending. �J��J����"g���m{�a�$���>�������4jt�@ ���-l_����@.�X�,�W4�wO ^�#��d�T�}�TŨ�T �}�k�0Sa�R�¢�P/�ʇ�e��>{� Wa�Q��z��x�U�{��5-*Q�m��N�u�qE2/�7I�LH�"�`m8�|� �Ͽ��,�`2T��v���&��kԌ��F�Q��Q����Qx����6^������q���O�?-�� �d��[����1��m�軞�}80�o�{�[onW�+���qY��e��X���o�_m���fk4۬7��u9y"�x�\��0`l(�F�^��c��,w�5�Z1l��>���.�lz�c;��WL���/C=��w�i�Q/p8��CA�qD��ߧ�?�� N�j��[�D���r2������N��_�n���w��a����r{��O�����H����h��Ѝ83�;����;��F�&��+�hn����k�K��/L��u�W6X���p�o9n���Z3b��XSS�=���x�>�����^3���Հu�-F��f��v{5`��1�n��A�&����=����`,�]O�⿏�`C3�:�'`V{�8��=�e�5B�[`���A��X�V݂66J��,,�|h�V. Any personally identifiable data collected through the use of these cookies is subject to the Chorus Privacy Policy outlined on this page. Dividend History [137.86 KB, pdf] Chorus Analysts Chorus Ltd is followed by a number of analysts, including those listed below. Copyright 2020, Chorus Aviation, All Rights Reserved. View 4,000+ financial data types. Dividends History – 2014 << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Start your Free Trial. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 4 0 obj Dividends are common dividends paid per share, reported as of the ex-dividend date. Dividend History | Yields, dates, complete payout history and stock information Toggle … Distributions History – 2007 %PDF-1.3 Some information in it may no longer be current. Further information on Google’s Privacy Policy can be found here, Distributions History – 2010 (former Jazz Air Income Fund), https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites. stream Chorus Aviation pays an annual dividend of C$0.36 per share, with a dividend yield of … Growth on a Per-Share Basis Through a long-term contract, Chorus Aviation provides substantially all of the flight operations for Air Canada Express. Sign in. xŝk�������hJ$uHK����7��$ʦ$�ȶ���Z�� �'�'ƚK��'�f�R]U�P@"�7$� �ߗ�Y��r}X���v�[�7��/\~�������^~��r�����2>��3��l�����a���n��/ Z�v��������v�����o��nWݪ_�o���嚇�?�o;�ǟ���v�Yo~\��͛�r�|�/��/o>�ӿ�� ����)=������_��_��?����r����'*~w�٫�����=y����͗���@�C����v���@ן�b'o@���P:wJ�}{8����zu��@��z���6���>t��?x�ɲ[޼�~��GO�����'�M��d�_��'�ݥ��x�~U��/o~V���n�߮��,����B|���h,� K4X���yH����t�\�?�����#z�s=J������j�[�֓��3T����"8x�#�� 3����#t���:�#�]�c�=٤�ӧ��Ɇk���G�9d��'�"�C�zz�^/��.�����4�6���|�pW����z�����ϽܫC�$����q��6uA�&���ٓe���|$�_�� /��� January 31. For advanced charting, view our full-featured. $0.04. In general, profits from business operations can be allocated to retained earnings or paid to shareholders in the form of dividends or stock buybacks. February 19. Published April 6, 2020 This article was published more than 6 months ago. Dividends are declared and approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Chorus Aviation Inc. Dividends History – 2018