Start off your day with a trip to Everland theme park before trying out the Jisan Ski Resort slopes at night.

Never knew this thing existed, but I suppose it’s to be expected, it’s a little bit like for Italy, all that nonsense on the “dolce vita” and then you find yourself on a commuter train into Milan from the airport at peak time.

You need to be extra prepared with super warm clothes, thermals, thick socks, a hat and gloves.

I was totally shocked by all the graffiti and how run down everything looked.

Yeah, you never run out of things to do in Seoul that’s for sure. Once again so many things to do in Korea in winter! You can even opt for a, Winter is the perfect time to don a hanbok without sweating! What should I wear during winter in Korea?

Thanks for sharing . For the beginners, the. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are many places to try ice skating in Seoul. photo by 陳 中昇 [CC BY-SA 2.0], Festival dates: November 11th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020. All the icefish caught by participants can be served as hoe (sliced raw fish) or deep-fried for a warm treat.

In Korea, we have these horrible “bad air” days and we have to stay cooped up inside. Festival Dates: December 21st, 2019 – January 28th, 2020. As the temperatures plummet during South Korea’s winter months, the country comes to life with exceptionally cool winter festivals that sprout across the country.. That photo is actually from a friend who went there with her daughter and son. New Year's celebrations also include a wide array of events such as fireworks, eating tteokguk, and various performances. . SO, it’s something i can’t do:-(… but it will be great to take photos there, right? I love your updated options for the list. Didn’t know climbing the icicles were a thing. Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles. It’s colder in Gangwon-do, and warmer near Busan. Haha, I’m with you on the ice climbing…but it’s definitely a photogenic thing to see. But somehow cannot get there, despite it being just a few hours drive away. If you want a little taste of Christmas in Europe, Petite France is definitely the place to be during a Korean winter. Yeosu Hyangiram Sunrise Festival is an annual overnight festival attended by those who want to enjoy the view of the New Year’s sunrise. I’m in the middle of updating the design of my blog, but plan to have a monster winter post up in November sometime, so be sure to check back!

People all across the nation gather to celebrate and watch the first sunrise of the New Year here.

The ice climbing sounds a pretty cool thing to do . Cleanse Your Mind and Soul at Beopjusa Templestay. I haven’t made it there yet, but it’s definitely on my list of things to get to before the winter ends. Book a NYE tour from Busan. Trout cultivated in the clear waters of Pyeongchang are popular for their rich and chewy texture. Seoul Plaza Ice Rink: admission fee + skate rental for just 1000 won, Lotte World Indoor Skating Rink: admission + skate rental for 13,000 won, Olympic Park Ice Rink: admission + skate rental for 3,000 won. In Seoul, you can take your pick from a huge range of municipal, university, indoor, or hotel skating rinks that open during winter in Korea. This activity is available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 1 Dec 2018-28 Feb 2019.

And the transition from autumn’s crisp, blue skies, warm days, and gorgeous leaves to the freezing winds and negative temperatures of Korea’s insanely cold winter might be the worst of all. Ganjeolgot Cape is famous as a place to observe the earliest sunrise in Korea. Period: December 6, 2019 - March 22, 2020 ; Venue: The Garden of Morning Calm Just visit the information desk on the first floor of the Tower, and obtain a pass card that allows you access to the building and the 31st floor. Sanirang offers beginner ice climbing courses for individuals who have never climbed before.