Our finishing ration is designed to be similar to the finishing ration typically used in Japan, which is a higher roughage grain-based ration that results in slower daily gains, which has been proven to result in higher levels of marbling and higher quality (lower melting-point) marbling fat for Wagyu. Live weight for our finished steers is typically 1,350 lbs. We generally have 100% fullblood Wagyu, F1 (50% Wagyu genetics) as well as F2 (3/4 Wagyu genetics) finished steers available. We are open Monday – Saturday 11am – 9:30pm and Sunday 11am – 3pm. Our size and philosophy assure you that we can provide truly locally raised beef naturally the old fashioned way! Recent studies are re-educating us to the value of healthy fat. Rocking 711 breeds and raises Wagyu cattle—utilizing top Wagyu genetics, artificial insemination and embryo transfer to perform continuous herd improvement. Boise Airport is located 128 mi from the Baker City, ... • All cattle and/or genetics selling in this sale are free of any and all known genetic conditions unless otherwise stated within ... Real-time bidding for the “Western Wagyu Elite” sale is available via the internet through www.jdaonline.com Live audio and to 1,550 lbs., and using the 62% average HCW/Live Weight ratio, this results in HCWs of around 800 lbs. Long-fed style feeding is proven to have higher mono-saturated fat levels and lower saturated fat levels. The general American public for many years has been indoctrinated with the idea that all fat is bad.

©2017 Rocking 711 Ranch. Beef by whole,side,quarters or cuts. All of our finished Wagyu cattle are born on our ranch, raised on pasture on our ranch, and finished on our ranch. The Wagyu breed has a genetic predisposition for marbling, which makes it the perfect breed for grass fed beef.Taste the difference!

Our Wagyu whole carcasses are priced as follows: Half carcasses are priced 5% higher due to the additional work required to manage selling of the other half, which must be done in conjunction with the purchased half carcass, and half carcasses must be processed at the USDA processing plant we utilize due to the need to be able to sell the other half carcass. Purebred Wagyu have a lineage that only includes one non-Wagyu parent in its set of sixteen great-grandparents, i.e. HCW is typically around 62% of the live weight of a steer, but can vary up to 5% from this average. We are situated on approximately 50 acres in the Hartland/Howell area of Livingston County and specialize in Grass Fed Wagyu beef. Golden Tulip Farms is honored to bring Wagyu beef to The Blue Wagyu! Sunday Closed, Have a large group call us at: Beef products had to be fat free…no white flakes. We are situated on approximately 50 acres in the Hartland/Howell area of Livingston County and specialize in Grass Fed Wagyu beef. HCW for normal processing and processing costs are the responsibility of the customer. to around 950 lbs. Ranch classifieds, Horses for Sale, Horse classifieds, Ranch Horses for sale, Cattle for Sale, Cattle Classifieds, Cattle Ranches for sale, Ranch jobs. In the late 1920’s our grandparents emigrated from the Netherlands to “the land of opportunity”. Egly Grass Fed Beef Our beef is 100% grass fed, and grass finished; never finished on corn or grain. Our farm is a small venture that is family owned and operated.

Our size and philosophy assure you that we can provide truly locally raised beef naturally the old fashioned way! HCW for F3/87.5% Wagyu or higher (other than 100% Fullblood Wagyu), $5.25/lb. Grass fed beef is healthy but grass fed Wagyu is healthy and delicious. Hartland/Howell area of Livingston County specializing in Grass Fed Wagyu beef.Grass fed all winter long! AND WE CAN ONLY SELL ENTIRE CARCASSES DURING THIS TIME IF THE CUSTOMER IS ABLE TO SECURE THEIR OWN PROCESSING APPOINTMENT WITH A PROCESSOR, IN WHICH CASE WE CAN TRANSPORT THE STEER TO THE PROCESSOR FOR A REASONABLE MILEAGE EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT CHARGE. Special breeds of cattle like Japanese Wagyu are capable of producing marbling beyond their American counterparts. All Rights Reserved. We fully recognize the need for local, natural, premium meat products. Our goal is to raise Wagyu that produce the best possible quality beef. Given that the only important criteria is the percentage of Wagyu in the bloodline, you can mathematically get a Purebred Wagyu … We usually have up to several dozen or more finished/fat Wagyu steers ready (or almost ready) for harvest, and we offer these in trailer-load lots or as single animals for custom processing by the customer. ~Owned and operated by the Roger Masselink family~. Our family is the third generation of Michigan farmers. Monday – Saturday 11am-9:30pm All the American wagyu calves are born on our farm and hand raised. We are the first farm on this side of the Mississippi to have this opportunity to complete the birth to harvest on farm thru Byron Center Meats assuring a stress-free, natural process unique to The Blue Wagyu! (269) 795-0030, Featuring long-fed American wagyu beef Our mission is to serve our creator and serve our fellow man by raising the most efficient, quality beef possible using our given resources, skills and discipline, while we serve the most precious creation ~ PEOPLE with honor, fairness, and BEEF. Professional nutritionists use modern science along with Japanese feeding methods to formulate the cattle diets. In this case we price the steer based upon “hot carcass weight” or “hot hanging weight” (“HCW”) at the processor. Now taking orders for fall of 2017. Brangus Cattle For Sale In Michigan If you have reached this page you are more likely looking for Brangus Cattle For Sale In Michigan , At Breeders League we have worked on gathering useful resources that will help refine our audience searches and get them the information they need, that is very accurate, up to date, helpful and will serve the purpose.

If the customer wishes to utilize a different processing plant we will transport the steer to the customer’s processing plant for a small transportation fee. Now the public can be rewarded with a healthy and great dining experience with Wagyu beef. Browse classifieds or … UPDATE AS OF JUNE 1, 2020:  WE ARE TEMPORARILY UNABLE TO SELL HALF CARCASSES DUE TO EXTREMELY LIMITED PROCESSOR CAPACITY. All the American wagyu calves are born on our farm and hand raised. Research has proven Wagyu beef has naturally higher Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. We are very proud of our heritage and raising quality cattle is a lifestyle we have been taught and believe in.