Anyone can stake a vampire in the heart or cut off a vampire’s head. So he seeks help, and finds it from the Freemasons of all places, where he meets a bad ass super hotty, who kicks as much ass as him. In fact, if they do exist, I expect that there are probably a great many vampires out there who would only kill when they absolutely have to. In the television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as well as the film starring Kristy Swanson and other literature, Buffy Summers is a cheerleaders who is revealed to be a ‘chosen one’ Those that are chosen have the power to defend the world from vampires, werewolves, and all sorts of monsters. Copyright ©  2018 Fandango. Destroying Dracula is not enough. Or if you just want some action, see From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Daybreakers, Underworld, and 30 Days of Night. This makes Lucian valuable to the vampire elder Viktor. In the case of the Sabbatarians, it was believed in some places that they needed to be fed meat from a sheep killed by a wolf (Bulgarian vâlkoedene); this would enable them not to fear the things that only they were able to see. Their marriage spawns a series of events that not only led to Sonja’s death but also to Lucian hunting Vampires well into the modern day. This curse would lead to rematches between Belmont and Dracula through time. Werewolves, mummies, and cobbled-together lab freaks have been around since the earliest decades of film, but no monster was perhaps more camera-ready than the vampire. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. A well known and influential archetypal vampire-hunter is Professor Abraham Van Helsing, a character in Bram Stoker's 1897 horror novel, Dracula, a foundational work in the genre. From Nosferatu to What We Do in the Shadows, bloodsuckers have had more than a century on the silver screen in our list of the best vampire movies, ranked. These have included firearms with silver ammunition, appropriate religious symbols, crossbows that fire all wood bolts and even waterguns filled with blessed holy water in the movies The Lost Boys and From Dusk Till Dawn. As well as being knowledgeable about vampire lore, vampire-hunters in fiction are often armed with an eclectic mix of items and weapons which are designed to take maximum advantage of the monster's traditional weaknesses. In my humble opinion, Buffy should have been #1. Thanks for the inclusion. Looks interesting as well as the associated clips on youtube. Vampire-hunters have also appeared in video games, such as Castlevania (occupation of the famed Belmont lineage), and The Elder Scrolls (with factions such as the Dawnguard). Просвета, Ниш 2000., Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 03:33. U shud also put Alaric Saltzman from TVD he was pretty badass. In the TV series, Buffy tested her mettle against Dracula as well. In  the Underworld series, Lucian is the first to be born a lycan. Belmont not only had to rid the world of Dracula but also his own body of Dracula’s effects. In the movie, the threat is vampires. They do not always want to just kill people randomly. Dhampiric figures, having a mix of human and vampire blood, are a popular form. Петровић, Сретен. However the most important things it carried were items such as rope, crowbars, or even pistols.[2][4][5]. (Or at least, just their property — who wouldn’t be charmed by a 600-bedroom castle?) (High Definition) (AOL) (1080p) (720p) (High Definition) (Yahoo) Movies. Simon got his first opportunity at Dracula after Dracula had been resurrected during a ‘Dark Mass’ at Easter.