Black Flag, Rogue and 3 are sort of roughly parts of the same story (yes, in that order - though 3 was released first), but what's more important here is the background modern-time story, which goes linearly through all the games in release order. This is exactly how I got in to the series - currently half way through Revelations and absolutely love the series!First one is a bit patchy just by comparison to newer games in my opinion.

You can still play it individually and have fun with it, you just won't understand the significance of some things or what the people outside the Animus are going on about. But don't worry, if you still chose to start with 3, you'll feel just as comfortable as if you started with 1.

Black flag has a different story but it connects a bit with AC3. You can skip the first, but I suggest spending fifteen minutes to read up on the story of the first game - especially the modern-time parts. I've heard good things about Brotherhood, but I'm struggling to get through ACII right now.

That said, the AC stuff that it did have was enough to get me into the series - I went back and played them all from AC1 after I finished Black Flag. I plan to complete them in order after I'm done with ACIII.

I'm honestly glad I started with Black Flag though - it's an amazing pirate game in its own right, setting all of the AC stuff aside. Even the stuff that was revealed in previous games doesn't make that much of a difference if you see it in a different order, I guess.

Is there any difference between NOVA 3 Premium Edition & Freedom Edition.

AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations are a trilogy, so you really shouldn't skip 2 before going to Brotherhood (although I personally agree that Brotherhood was the best). The only problem with going back is that it can be nearly impossible to go back once you played a similar game with better graphics/gameplay. The game series follows Desmond, an ex-assassin who was captured by Abstergo Industries, the Templars. They have all been exposed to the pieces of Eden. Can I play them in any order, or should I start with the first one? The story of Assassins creed 3 set in America does not link with the others other than the overall storyline, which you will need to play all 5 games in order to understand. With that said, the only games that are connected by their animus characters are AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations which are about Ezio. ACII is a masterpiece.

Better graphics, gameplay and an actual, captivating story.

All the assassins from Altier on the first assassins creed to Connor who is the main character on assassins creed 3. Glad I played it though.

I'll start by saying that every single scene in "real" world is complete shit and I wish they had never included them in the game. The middle 3 MUST be played together, as their Assassin (Ezio) is the same throughout all 3, it follows his life.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the patientgamers community. It'll give you some minor spoilers, but nothing too serious; and at the same time it doesn't require knowledge of any of the previous games to understand the plot. Begin with ACII if you want to play Brotherhood.

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You can tell the series is finding its feet, some things work, some don't.

The first one I played was Black Flag. Of course there is more running and climbing, which can be repetitive, but many of the boring things are optional in the game. I couldn't get into AC3 neither and have given up on the franchise as the following installations haven't been able to secure my wallet. I agree.

or is it a nono. Don't get me started on the movie. Yes, the first five games from Assassin's Creed up to Assassin's Creed III are connected. AC1 was a good game too, but it was another time, and it might seem a bit boring and repetitive nowadays. Are MMORPGs really worth the monthly fees? AC2: excellent game and the best starting point for the series imo.
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And they are also connected to each other by the facts that there are templars and Assassins who constantly fight each other for a couple of 1000 years then.. That is exacly why the assassins creed series is incredible.. Each time another game comes out you feel like your part of it..
I say start at 1, partially because it has revelance to AC2, brotherhood and revelations, but moreover, AC1 lays out the general overarching plot and setting of the series. You'll be able to enjoy the Majority of the game however. That said, Boston is not Florence or Venice so I'm not that motivated to do any exploring. IDK Netflix costs the same and so do other services! I was thinking about buying Brotherhood or Black Flag.

AC Rogue: might as well call it "AC4 part deux" since it's literally the same game with different protagonist ( they didn't even make any improvements to the game). I never finished it.

There's also some minor threads that link AC3, AC4 and Rogue but they aren't very important (can't even remember what they are).

I recommend skipping it, or play it up to that plot twist, or play all of it if you enjoy the theme. TELL ME? You'd need to play them in order to fully understand the story.

Maybe ACII was just too good? AC 1 is very repetitive, but I have played worse games. AC2 Brotherhood is where I lost my patience for running, climbing and ridding.

AC1 was a bit tough for me to slog through, but the rest of them are all amazing.

It is basically AC2 with extra stuff, I recommend playing it, especially if you liked AC2. Makes a lot more sense that way. Here's my opinion on the AC games. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and a few of the series’ spin-offs won’t work on PS5, Ubisoft announced today.

Edit: I just realized I didn't even answer your question. You reeeeeeallly need to play ACII before Brotherhood, Brotherhood follows on from ACII, then Revelations follows on from Brotherhood.