Four teams is just the right number—there’s nothing wrong with leaving people hungry for more. The SEC West went 28-0 against non-conference opponents last season. Sometimes grownups have to do things they don’t want to do, and as far a bad things go, waiting in line to shake a few hands doesn’t seem like that big a deal compared something like…getting a root canal or something similarly unpleasant. And, the SEC's all-time winning percentage in bowl games of .563 is the best of the Power 5.

This isn’t little league—get rid of it. Call them quasi-tropes—divisive issues tied to certain sports, franchises and individuals, which are born from greater problems beyond sports. Argument(s) against: The human element shouldn’t be taken out of any game entirely. Argument(s) for: They’re being paid based more on services rendered than current or future contributions—since when is that how things are done?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images. In 2015, the Green Sports Alliance published its Playbook on Greener Cleaning to help sporting facilities easily and cost effectively implement a new green cleaning program or improve an existing one. facing sports facilities.

Sports Facilities and the Law is the one-stop publication for news, case summaries, articles, and strategies to understand legal concerns and help create strategies to successfully deal with the challenges facing arenas, stadiums, recreation, and fitness facilities, whether at the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur levels. Argument(s) against: They cheated, breaking both the rules and the law, in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage. Athletes are expected to give everything they’ve got and compete like warriors in a seven game series, but all that behind them within seconds of a loss? Only the Giants’ Eli Manning was worse.

Without a mercy rule contingency plan, sometimes it’s difficult to establish exactly what constitutes running up the score.

Our goal is not just to inform, but to help share solutions. In fact, they haven’t gone far enough with replay—everything should be reviewable, including penalties. Everything seems to be going swimmingly for the league and its stakeholders—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Human resource departments tend to face similar issues no matter what kind of company you have. For the most part, competitive athletes aren’t there because they want to utterly humiliate the opposition—they just want to win.

Even some of the most ardent sports fans may not realize just how much influence sports has had on shaping our culture, including our views on community and social issues. The added games would only impact 2-4 potential playoff eligible teams, which would likely make players far more amiable to the extra work. Controversy is no stranger to sports: if success is measured by wins and losses, stats and superlatives; then no possible point of contention goes unnoticed.

During the regular season he’s often solidly average, but in the playoffs he’s 10-4 and recently “became just the third quarterback in NFL history to post a rating of at least five consecutive postseason games.”. Many of them will interact with visitors on a daily basis. Argument(s) against: The CFP is good, but it could be great. In 2016, the Green Sports Alliance is launching a series of half-day workshops based on the playbook. Literary Restrooms Help Users Catch Up on Their Reading, Circuit Court Ruling Complicates Housekeepers’ Plans to Unionize, The Straight Talk on Working With Corporate Entities. Facilities are also a key concern, especially in an atmosphere of cuts. That’s just not natural. Sports Facilities and the Law has been an important resource.

If you believe in the statement ‘ignore Athletes are generating that revenue and deserve a slice of the pie.

Argument(s) against: Well for starters, it’s not really a job requirement. Bias.

More than 100 people contributed to the development of the playbook, including experts in cleaning, public health, environmental protection, green procurement, and sports facility cleaning and operations to help address the unique needs of sports facilities.

Aside from the baseball world being completely adverse to change, there is absolutely no reason for the AL and NL to have different rules. And besides, aren’t most games long enough? Argument(s) for: Having gotten nowhere with the NFLPA in their quest to expand the regular season from 16 to 18 games, the NFL seeking expansion of the playoffs seems like just the right compromise.

Argument(s) against: Sportsmanship.

Or…ya know…whoever.

They put themselves at risk and their collective efforts generate billions annually. But, some issues transcend locale and cache. The SEC juggernaut proved to be less than unstoppable outside the media bubble, breaking even against Power 5 non-conference opponents in the regular season and it's seven ranked teams went 2-5 in their bowl games.

Having to spend a few minutes once or twice a week answering stupid questions does not constitute an unreasonable burden and it won’t kill you, Marshawn Lynch!

Argument(s) for: The designated hitter has been dividing MLB players, managers, media and fans for 41 years now. Argument(s) against: For starters, since when does a cost-free college education not constitute compensation? Argument(s) for: Well for starters, it’s a job requirement. While moving to a four-team playoff was a step in the right direction, the step wasn’t big enough.

Sports truly have the ability to change the world, or at least to help continue the greening of the cleaning industry through example.

In addition to helping pro and collegiate sport facilities, the workshops will target schools, YMCAs and YWCAs, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, municipal recreation leagues, military bases, and other facilities where kids and adult athletes play. They touch on venue security, liability issues, NCAA athletes are given an education, free room and board, a meal plan, and an opportunity to distinguish themselves on a national stage, paving the way for the possibility of a professional career. Argument(s) for: John Harbaugh definitely thinks Joe Flacco is elite, not to mention “the best quarterback in football,” so does President Obama. Stephen P. Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in green cleaning and sustainability. Argument(s) for: Remember when people wondered if the eventual champion of the struggling Big Ten deserved a spot in the inaugural College Football Playoff? Have You Set Up Your Planner for Next Week’s Virtual Experience?

Such speculation seems silly after the Buckeyes overpowered one-loss, SEC champion Alabama, before crushing Oregon in the National Championship. Athletes are compensated very well for their efforts on the field and have relatively few obligations off the field.

However, once an issue in sports is polarized, all arguments boil down to one of two clearly defined sides; one defined as controversial and one as the orthodox position (with an assist from the most influential voices in athletics and the media.). Argument(s) against: Sportsmanship.

facility managers and operators. Which means it’s not going away, folks! For some, college is all risk with relatively little reward—one freak injury can end a career and they aren’t paid so much as a monthly stipend for their services.

So, if controversy is synonymous with sports, then divisive issues are everywhere and all around. The replay currently in place already slows down the pace, anything more would be excessive.

Argument(s) for: Even though it was an entire era, only a handful of admitted and suspected PED users take the brunt of the blame for behavior believed to be pervasive throughout the league. But what does this have to do with the professional cleaning industry? Playing at the collegiate level solves that problem, preparing players for the pros while establishing a work ethic and (ideally) keeping them out of trouble, which improves the overall quality of gameplay and their chances to succeed long term. If a football team is playing all second and third string guys who are running the ball, but still scoring at will, what then? That’s a lot more than most people get—why are these kids so ungrateful? From the local parks to leisure centres, local councils enable a huge range of leisure activities and sport to happen. Fans see firsthand the steps these venues have taken. Besides, how much money does, for instance, Kobe Bryant need? Experiencing these steps encourages millions of people—including business owners and employers—to adapt and implement similar strategies in their own homes, businesses, and organizations. Well maybe not all, but an awful lot.

Subscribers will only receive copies of the newsletter and infrequent critical news stories/solutions. Argument(s) against: Tradition? Get CMM Magazine delivered directly to your inbox. Sport, physical activity and risk factors for major diseases; Tackling HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases through sport; Practical implications for sport for HIV prevention programmes; Sport and public health campaigns. Argument(s) against: Football is a brutal sport that has been proven to have very severe, sometimes dire, health consequences long after a career concludes. Argument(s) against: Perhaps the SEC is plateauing and the rest of the world is edging closer, but under oath, not even TCU's athletic director could claim that the strength of their conference schedule comes anywhere close to what a team in the SEC West endures...and the East could make a compelling case as well.