The clover fixes nitrogen, which acts as a natural fertilizer for the fescue resulting in greener, lusher growth. The Chafer Grubs then lay dormant during the winter deep in the ground before moving to the surface the following spring to emerge as beetles in May / June and starting the process again. Here in Surrey, the Chafer Beetle has become an increasingly serious pest and many homeowners are frustrated by brown, torn apart lawns. This trap is supplied in the favoured yellow colour for attracting adult beetles, Use for early warning of beetle activity and egg-laying in order to target larvae infestations quickly and effectively plus effectively removes potential egg-laying female beetle thereby reducing future numbers too, Once the Garden Chafer beetles fly to the trap (usually mid May - late July) this trap indicates the need to treat with a biological control agent such as Nemasys. The more traps used - the better to trap a representative quantity of adult beetles, Normally chafer beetles appear around the third week of May, This date may vary slightly according to warmer or colder weather conditions, As long as the product on the competitors website is in stock, It is exactly identical to our product, same brand, model, model number and size, The website is a UK website, but excludes eBay or other auction sites, The delivery charges are the same as Progreen and for delivery to an address in the UK, If you find the price different somewhere else you’ll receive the difference in Progreen vouchers (these can only be used once and not split over multiple transactions). Chafer grub, chafer beetle or chafer bug can be trapped using a biological pest control pheromone to attract and trap adult garden chafer. Adult males are drawn into the chafer beetle trap by means of a pheromone attractant lure. Clever design ensures they do not escape. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Natural Bucket, Green Funnel, Green Vanes, Green Lid, String, Cap, Cage and Attractant Lure. Chafer Beetle Funnel trap with attractant lures are an effective method of monitoring or in smaller areas such as gardens controlling Chafer populations. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. Chafer Beetle Trap with Free Pheromone Lure, Professional Selective Weed Killers For Weeds In Turf, Professional Selective Weed Killers For Woody Weeds, All Spray Dyes, Adjuvants, pH Fixers, etc, Bird & Insect Attraction Wildflower Seeds, Handheld Sprinklers, Applicators & Nozzles, All Discontinued Plant Protection Products. The eggs are often laid in the same place each year, so the problem gets progressively worse.

the trap, they hit the plastic vanes on top, and are funnelled down The trap should be placed in lawn areas and hung 50-100 cm above ground level. © Copyright 2020 Bionema I All Rights Reserved I. The yellow fins intercept their path and guide them down the funnel into the trap. Once the Garden Chafer beetles fly to the trap (usually mid May - late July) this trap indicates the need to treat with a biological control agent such as Nemasys.

The attractant in our traps encourages both male and female Chafer to fly toward the traps and to slip into the funnel. Keeping weekly records is key during adult emergence to help identify whether further control is required before they become a serious problem. There is also a trap developed and marketed for rose chafer monitoring or trapping-out but MSU Extension does not recommend using this except as a single trap for monitoring in a location away from vineyards, as the trap can draw beetles … They are a source of food for large birds-crows and woodpeckers as well as foxes and badgers. Our website makes it convenient to order small quantities of our products. 032 6262, 01778 If re-using traps you will need to purchase new lures. Chafer Beetle traps help to reduce adult beetle egg laying and give a valuable warning that chafers are present. Not only will they eat their way through your lawn, they are also an attractive meal for mammals and birds that will tear through your grass to eat them. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Adult beetle numbers should be recorded every few days. How the Chafer Trap works: The trap is specifically designed to capture chafer beetles (Phyllopertha horticola) and is a crucial part of detecting and monitoring Chafer beetle numbers.
Monitoring the active life stage of insect pests forms an integral part of Integrated Pest Management and allows for better informed application timing of Entomopathogenic Nematode treatments. All rights reserved. Suspend the chafer trap with the string at a height of 50-100 cm from the ground. Bionema’s isolated lure attracts both sexes, making this ideal for monitoring chafer beetle populations in your local landscape. 1m height to catch flying beetles or dig a shallow hole and place in the ground at intervals.